C.E.I.P. Las Lomas visits Looije’s greenhouses

By 16 November, 2018 No Comments

Students from Las Lomas on the greenhouse lobby of Looije Águilas. Photo: C.E.I.P. Las Lomas

Students of 5º and 6º grade from the C.E.I.P. Las Lomas have visited Looije‘s greenhouses this morning, in Los Arejos, in order to know firsthand the production process of cherry tomato, from its plantation to its arrival to the customer’s table.

Guided by Vincent Looije, students discovered information about plan treatment, pollinating work of the bees or collection techniques of cherry tomato, before being taken to the warehouse for packaging and distribution.

At the end of the visit, the students of the center gathered in the canteen of Looije, where they were able to taste different varieties of Sarita.