Looije OPFH was named after Looije Tomaten, a Dutch family company founded by J.M. Looije in 1946.


Their specialization in tomatoes dates back to the seventies, in the last century.


In 1998, an agricultural exploitation was opened in Águilas in order to maintain their self-produced cherry tomatoes supply throughout the year. Their wide experience as agri-food producers was transmitted to Looije Águilas.


In 2010, Looije Águilas boosted the setting-up of an OPFH (Fruit and Vegetables Growers’ Organization) with the objective of contributing to our region and society development and helping people to have a healthy life-style. Thus, Looije OPFH markets the cherry tomatoes yield from growers located in the area of Águilas, Mazarrón and Almería and offers an excellent quality and flavourful product, using a unique registered trademark, Sarita.


New stage with new facilities in Águilas. The new facilities will involve an investment of 4.5 million euros. In its 3,500 m2 Looije will be able to pack 12 million kilos of cherry tomato annually, which means we will triple our current production.


We continue looking to the innovation and development.


Our reason for living can be summarised in the next sentence: “We want people to healthily enjoy when consuming our tomatoes. Our mission is to contribute to the development of consumers, employees, growers and our society.”