What distinguishes Looije

School of growers

Our growers are guided by our technicians and they follow our company philosophy. Monthly technical meetings, visits and courses are scheduled to improve their technical level and guarantee the sustainability of the whole chain and their professionalization.

Taste panel

We carry out a weekly consumer panel. Thus, we always know the origin of the most flavourful tomatoes and we can work to improve in that aspect. Besides, in 2016 we signed an agreement with Miguel Hernández University to arrange a trained tomato tasting panel.


Looije OP aims at cultivating a high quality product with really good organoleptic properties and a long shelf-life. Looije OP sacrifices 30% of yield to obtain a cherry tomato with these features.

Coordination with growers

We harvest what is necessary (Pull System). The Sales Department is always in contact with growers to know beforehand the amount to be harvested and the dates.


Thanks to that coordination, we avoid storing tomato. The cherry tomatoes are packaged and loaded the after day being harvested.


We opt for fidelity and transparency towards our clients, employees and suppliers.

Innovation committee

Looije believes in the continual improvement process and in innovation as basis of our future. We created a committee in which technicians, growers and clients take part to find an endless source of innovation ideas.

Social responsibility

Constant collaboration with our region by promoting a healthy life-style and by being sponsors of many sports (futsal, handball…).