Sarita, distinguished as “SABOR DEL AÑO 2018”

By 14 March, 2018 No Comments

Our Sarita cherry tomato has been distinguished as “SABOR DEL AÑO 2018” (FLAVOUR OF THE YEAR 2018) by the most demanding jury, the consumer, in a blind tasting.

SABOR DEL AÑO is the only quality certification in the food industry which is based exclusively on the product taste qualities. Also, the jury evaluates the general satisfaction after having tested the product.

This prize is a recognition to the big efforts the company makes to get a high quality and flavourful cherry tomato all year around.

Looije has committed to the pursuit of excellence in its product since its foundation.

To do that, besides using state-of-the-art farming techniques, Looije arranged a trained tomato tasting panel to evaluate internally the aspects of its product and be able to keep on learning and improving.

For all this, the prize is in line with the raison d’être of the company which is aimed at the consumers’ satisfaction when eating its tomatoes.