Looije joined the ‘Butterfly challenge’ in the World Lupus Day

By 15 May, 2019 No Comments

On may 10th, workers from Looije, the company specialized in cherry tomato, joined the ‘Butterfly challenge’, to commemorate World Lupues Day.

In this way, accompained by the image of Sarita or cherry tomato boxes, many employees of Looije chose locations in new factory to repeat the slogan that identifies this day (‘Invisible for everyone, but those who suffer it’) and simulate with the arms the shape of a butterfly.

Personalities from sports and entertainment, such as Alejandro Sanz, Pablo Motos or Josema Yuste, also joined the ‘challenge’ in last days, uploading videos into their networks that would later go viral.

The choice of lepidoptera alludes to the fact that some patients of Lupus suffer the appearence of spots on the face with the shape of a butterfly.