Looije donates more than 150 kg of food to Aguiproan

By 14 March, 2019 No Comments

From left to right, Juan José López, general director of Looije; Blanca Carvajal, Looije worker and iniciator of this action; Marina Cook, president of Aguiproan; and Mari Carmen Moreno, major of Águilas.


This morning Looije, the agricultural company specialized in cherry tomatoes, has donated to the animal rescue organization Aguiproan all products collected from its employees in the charity breakfast organized by the company last February 26th. In total, the employees have donated more than 150 kg of food, 35 kg of sand for cats and other products such as toys, blankets or food dispensers.

The event took place in the new facilities that Looije owns at Pol. Ind. ‘El Labradorcico’, in presence of Mari Carmen Moreno, Major of Águilas; Marina Cook, current President of Aguiproan; Juan José López, General director of Looije OP; and Blanca Carvajal, Looije worker and iniciator of this action.


Mari Carmen Moreno congratulated Looije for its contribution and she highlighted the work that Aguiproan does daily, showing commitment to continue their support and the improvement of the facilities from the City Council, so that the animals can live in the best possible conditions. Marina Cook ensured to be delighted with the iniciative carried out by Looije, “maybe its just a drop, but drop by drop, it makes a lot”, the President of Aguiproan said.