Looije celebrates International Women’s Day with roses and a documentary

By 11 March, 2019 No Comments

Last March 8th, Looije, the agricultural company specialized in cherry tomatoes, gave all its office, warehouse and greenhouses employees a pink rose, on the occasion of the conmomoration of the International Women’s Day.

In the same way, the date brought with it the publication of a documentary in social networks in the form of a short film, in which nine employees of different departments of the company analyze the women’s current employment situtation. The video, recorded in the new facilities of Looije and in the greenhouses that the company owns in ‘Los Arejos’, includes personal experiences and testimonies in which the workers themselves explain the obstacles they have faced throughout their careers for the simple fact of being women.

Trough this two initiatives, Looije has given homage to all the femine genre, in addition to defending equality with men in all areas.