Looije Águilas, S.L., CECLOR Business Award 2013

By 17 March, 2014 No Comments

After its general assembly took place, CECLOR (federation of businesses in the Guadalentín area) presented one of its business awards to Looije Águilas, in recognition of its excellent achievements in export, innovation, development and job creation. Bartolomé Hernández, Águilas Mayor, handed over the award to the CEO of Looije Águilas, Jos Looije. According to Hernández “they are an example of responsibility for the respect for safety, hygiene and healthiness in food products. The effort in offering zero residue fruits has shown its viability and its direct connection with an increase in production. This company has been in our town for 15 years and during this time it has experienced a big development, contributing to the economic and social development in the area and increasing their workforce from 8 to 60 employees.