Employee of the month: September

By 10 October, 2016 No Comments

Moussa Rafai was awarded employee of the month in September. Moussa is involved with the company values and contributes every day in the continual improvement process.

Moussa Rafai has 5 children who live in Morocco. For that reason, he looks for support and friendship in their colleagues from Looije. He spends his free time resting and enjoying time by himself.

During the 12 years he is working with us, Moussa has always shown interest in carrying out his tasks in the best possible way. He is very proud of being part of a company like ours.

Moussa is in an agricultural worker whose main task is harvesting tomatoes in the greenhouses.

When he got the award, he felt very happy and excited. Moussa likes working in Looije because its like a little family. He thinks that theres fellowship and a very pleasant work environment in Looije.

Juan Ramon Garcia Zapata, in charge of the greenhouses personnel, gave Moussa the company jacket.