Angel García Lidón Visits Looije

By 25 April, 2011 No Comments

Last week, Angel Garcia Lidon accompanied by a Proexport technician, Abelardo Hernandez, visited our facilities. During their visit, they could verify the state of the works of the future greenhouse of 4 Ha. which Looije Aguilas is building and will start growing on 5th July. This greenhouse has the highest technology for the tomato growing, such as heating, climate control system, Co2, thermal screen, humidifier and automatic staff control, amongst others.

Due to these technical advances it will be possible to increase our cherry tomato supply during a longer period of time since growing will be done earlier and the climate conditions will be maintained over the winter.

Furthermore, as in the rest of our exploitations, we will go on with biological pest controls in order to respect our objective to achieve a zero waste product.